E-Image MonoPod W/ Video Head

Category: Photography Equipment

Location: Hazmieh Rd, Lebanon

Is an ID required?: No

Starting: $50.00 / 1 day

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August 2023
September 2023
October 2023
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The E-Image MA600 monopod is an ideal, portable solution for on-the-move shooters using DSLR, Camcorder, and mirrorless cameras. While the MA600’s aluminum construction is durable, it allows for a more cost friendly budget. The flip lock design on the MA600 has a high locking torque while still providing ease of use, which makes for quick and reliable adjustments on the go. With a spread of 16” the MA600’s base serves as a mini tripod that delivers reliable stability. The base also allows for uninterrupted 360 Degrees panning for when smooth operation is at the top of your list. The MA600 uses a soft foam grip and strap at the top of the monopod for secure and comfortable application. Capable of reaching a maximum height of 74.8” and folding down to just 25.2”, the MA600 is both versatile and portable. It can support up to a maximum of 44 lbs-more than enough for most DSLR’s and many camcorders-while weighing just 3.0 lbs, making it easy to transport in the field or to the studio.

Elie Abou Jaoude