FilmGear Fresnels 300w

Category: Audio Visual Equipment

Location: Hazmieh Rd, Lebanon

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October 2022
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Elie Abou Jaoude

Tungsten Fresnel 300W Junior - halogen lighting fixture with a Fresnel lens. Needs power of 300 watts. It is popular for lighting the details of all types of shooting, is also used for theatrical illumination.

80-millimeter wide-angle Fresnel lens from Europe have UV-protection. Lamp holder is made with high-quality refractory ceramics.

Use a focus knob for controlling the light beam and elegant but strong stirrup for moving and regulating the center of gravity in the construction, including accessories.

The lamp housing is made in purple gray and silver colors, is lightweight and compact. Using aluminium extrusions and lightweight pressure die-castings offers great structural strength while being weather resistant.

Device’s elaborate design makes its using and service easier and faster. For example, replacing the lamp is easy and simple by sliding construction in bottom part.

The lamphead is equipped with 4-leaf rotatable barndoor with safety wire, inlet cable 4m, stirrup with 16 mm socket.