How Ajjerni Works (services)

Rent out a Service you Provide

You probably have many skills that you would like to share with the world. Rent out one of your super powers and earn extra cash with that!

1. Create your listing(s)

Create an account and sign in. Create a listing by clicking on the “list service for rent” button and entering all the required information. Make sure to upload clear and crisp images (min. 3 pics). Check out our blog post on how to take the perfect picture for your listings here.

2. Respond to messages

People will get in touch with you to have more information on what you’re listing. Make sure to check your inbox regularly and to reply quickly. Approve or decline the booking demands you receive.

3. Arrange a meet-up with the borrower

Use the chat to agree on a convenient time and place to meet the borrower and provide them with your amazing service. To activate the insurance, the booking has to be done entirely on Ajjerni (Check out the insurance and ID verification process here).

4. Meet with the borrower and receive payment

Meet the borrower at the agreed place and time and provide them with the agreed service. Payment is done in cash. Remember to rate how awesome your experience was! 😀

Rent a Service

Rent services you need from people in your area.

1. Find a service close by

Search for any service (filter by location). Choose the listing that you like most and check on the calendar if it’s available on the dates you’d like it.

2. Contact the lender

Send a message to the owner (sign in or create an account if you haven’t already). Request the service for the dates you need it for and ask any question you may have. Agree on a convenient time and place to make the most of the service provided.

3. Book the service you need

Once agreed with the owner, complete the booking on Ajjerni.

4. Pay and indulge yourself

Meet the lender at the agreed place and time, and benefit from the amazing service they are providing you! Proceed with the payment (in cash) as decided during the booking and remember to rate how awesome your experience was! 😀